Evelyn Paul

The book illustrator Evelyn Paul studied at the South Kensington School of Art in 1906. Because women were not accepted into public academies at this time, prospective female artists had to rely on independent private schools. The school, which was directed by Alexander McDonald, specialized in the refinement of artistic abilities and promoted training in foreign painting traditions and unconventional techniques.
After her artistic training, Paul worked as a book illustrator and illuminator. Her works are influenced by her role model Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Typical for her style are small figures in large scenes. Her illustrations for the book series "Legends of Ancient Egypt, Assyria and Babylonia" definitely display exotic influences.
Other well known illustrations can be found in the books "Clair de Lune," "La Vira Nuova," "Tristam and Isolde," and "The Birth of England." Evelyn Paul was presumably active as an artist until 1922.

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